Complete Pro Scooters by Lucky

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We are excited about our three models of complete pro scooters: the Lucky Crew, Lucky Strata, and Lucky Clover™. Each model is designed for riders with a wide range of skills, from intermediate to expert, and each comes in a variety of color choices.

Lucky’s complete pro scooters are modeled and prototyped by our engineering team for optimum weight, balance, and performance. Decks and forks are machined with no bonding or welding that would lead to weak spots. Bars are hand constructed by our certified welders using only 4130 chromoly. Wheels are manufactured using Lucky Rebound Technology (LRT) to give them speed and grip without the chunking or de-hubbing most wheels are prone to. The result of all this attention to detail is that our scooters are extremely fast, ultra strong, and easy to carve, flick, and grind.